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Left My Wallet: Lance Storm on OVW, wrestling pet peeves, working with young Brock

Image: WWE

Left My Wallet returns with our very own Lance Storm. This is a free show, so just click the red button below to listen.

You usually get to hear Lance on Fridays on Figure Four Daily, but now, my former trainer in OVW joined me to talk about his athletic career, fitness and nutrition, and wrestling training.

He discusses why he never liked hockey as a youth growing up in Canada and gravitated towards volleyball, basketball and track and field, his athletic accomplishments during high school and college, and the reason for his insane vertical leap.

Lance then talks about his diet and training regimen when he was in the best shape of his life, how his diet and workouts have changed over the years and what he does now to stay in shape.

Finally, we talk about him being an OVW trainer in 200405 when I was in one of his first training classes. We talk about how he formulated his original curriculum, training people of different levels all at once, working with a young Brock Lesnar, and drills vs. wrestling when it comes to getting in shape. We also discuss some pet peeves that he sees today and small subtleties of in-ring working that often get overlooked.

Finally, he tells who is hands down the best worker he's ever been in the ring with and why.

Enjoy this talk with Lance Storm that touches on sports, fitness, nutrition, in-ring psychology and technique.

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