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Left My Wallet: Josh Nason on the MLB season, indie wrestling scene

<p>Left My Wallet&nbsp;returns with our very own <a href="http://twitter.com/joshnason">Josh Nason</a>.</p> <p>The contributing editor and host of Josh Nason's Punch Out joins me to talk&nbsp;about a myriad of baseball topics like the overachieving Boston Red Sox and some possible trades they&nbsp;can make before the trade deadline, changes to bring more fans to the game, surprising and disappointing fantasy players, and a debate on the merits of a number of Hall of Fame candidates, both current and retired players.</p> <p>We then talk the current state of independent wrestling and who are some local New England names who could be the next to break out on the national scene.</p> <p>Finally, we get Josh's answer to see if he'll be back to defend his Observer Fantasy Football League Championship!</p> <p>It's our annual (almost) midseason baseball show, sprinkled in with a little bit of wrestling. Enjoy!</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/Leftmywalletnason2021.mp3} {membership 4}&nbsp;</p>