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Left My Wallet: Inside the wrestling & MMA trading card market

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Left My Wallet is back with a free episode talking sports, wrestling and MMA cards with sports card expert Mike Gioseffi, host of Sports Cards Nonsense as part of Bill Simmons' Ringer podcast network.

Mike and I talk about the rapid rise in prices for Steve Austin and The Rock wrestling rookie cards, a University of Miami Dwayne Johnson rookie card and what he sees in potential growth in both MMA and wrestling cards. We also delve into a 1982 wrestling set (pictured above) which is going for insane amounts of money.

We also talk about the sports card frenzy that has exploded in the last year, what players to buy now for reasonable prices, who are some rock solid players to invest in and so much more.

Enjoy this special free episode with fellow Massachusetts native, wrestling fan, and host of one of the hottest new podcasts today: Mike Gioseffi.

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