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Left My Wallet: George South on his 35 years in wrestling

<p>Left My Wallet returns with one of the most noticeable&nbsp;names from the NWA Crockett era of the 80s: George South!</p> <p>George has been seen on your tv for the last 35 years and can be seen on numerous shows on both the&nbsp;WWE Network and YouTube. Not only did he grow up a huge wrestling fan, but he grew up a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan. On this show, he talks about&nbsp;his love for America's Team, admiration for Roger Staubach, the great Dallas teams of the 90s, and the time he got to walk on the Dallas Stadium turf and the historical star at midfield.</p> <p>The talk then turns to wrestling as I ask George, worker to worker, who was the best wrestler he's ever been in the ring with. Who were some of his favorites from the Crockett era and who was considered a "night off" to be in the ring with?</p> <p>George is like that character actor you see in movies and on TV who is both responsible for making others look great and adept at his craft. You may not remember their name or they may not be on the marquee, but without them, the show couldn't go on.</p> <p>Enjoy this uplifting and positive talk with great professional wrestler and sports fan George South!</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/Leftmywalletgeorgesouth.mp3}{membership 4}</p>