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Left My Wallet free show: Wrestling historian Tom Burke

Editor's Note: This is a free show. Just click the red button below to listen.

"Left My Wallet" is back with wrestling historian and my friend Tom Burke on some of the most notable athletes to have transitioned into pro wrestling, recorded in his office/memorabilia museum in Springfield, MA.

For years, Tom has been one of the people responsible for the Cauliflower Alley Club, an important contributor to the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame, a magazine writer and photographer, and one of the closest friends of both Lou Thesz and Walter "Killer" Kowalski.

Tom talks about the inception of college and pro football players in professional wrestling, the careers of Wayne Munn, Gus Sonnenberg, Bronko Nagurski (seen above), and more gridiron greats. He also explains the close relationship and impact that many boxing greats such as Joe Louis had with wrestling.

We then talk about the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, his all-time underrated crossover athlete, his friendships with Thesz and Kowalski, and a fantastic story from his high school reunion. 

This is a very different and unique departure from the standard sports talk on my podcast. Tom is a wealth of knowledge who should be known by more people in the wrestling industry and I hope you enjoy it.

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