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Left My Wallet free show: Antonio Thomas on life after a WWE release

This is a free edition of the show. Just click to listen.

'Left My Wallet' is back with a different and unique episode from the normal format as JIm Valley takes the reigns, talking to me about life after WWE and the transition to the real world given my release from the company back in 2006.

After the WWE releases and layoffs this week, he contacted me to do this show to give perspective to the readers and listeners about what the events and thought processes that can occur when being let go from your dream wrestling career. I give insight into my call up, navigating the backstage waters, pitching ideas to creative, and the events that led to my release after two years with WWE.

I then describe what recently released talent might confront in terms of navigating the independents, having to constantly prove yourself to different crowds and promoters, re-inventing yourself, the highs and lows of the independent scene, and transitioning into other careers and endeavors while balancing your wrestling career, especially when wrestling isn't the sole means of income anymore.

I hope you enjoy my perspective and insight of the process of being released in this free episode. Please let me know what you think or shoot me other questions by contacting me on Twitter: @promisethomas or @retrograppler.

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