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Left My Wallet: Former WCW star P.N. News on soccer & college football

Left My Wallet returns with a blast from the past as I talk soccer and college football with the former rapmaster of WCW, P.N. News.

The man born Paul Nue had a lengthy career outside of WCW as Cannonball Grizzly, mostly spent overseas and in Europe. There, he discovered his passion for Premier League soccer. We discuss what led to his love of the sport and take a deep dive into his memories and experiences both watching and attending matches in Europe. We have many futbol fans here on the site, so Paul brings familiarity with a topic we haven't touched upon much yet.

He also discusses his time playing spring football at the University of Nebraska under legendary Hall-of-Fame coach Tom Osborne and the amazing talent he lined up with. In the 70s and 80s, Nebraska was a college football juggernaut, akin to Alabama today. He also talks his love of college football today, his thoughts on Scott Frost as head coach, and his eagerness for NFL star Christian McCaffrey's younger brother, Luke, to take over the reins as starting QB.

At the end of the show, I was joined by multi-time guest and resident toy expert Flex Rumblecrunch for one of a handful of quick new segments on the podcast: Toy Talk. We talk about the '91-'92 Galoob WCW figures and also get into the fascination and hefty prices of prototypes.

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