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Left My Wallet: Debbie Malenko on her MMA debut, returning to wrestling

<p>Left My Wallet returns with former All-Japan Women's star Debbie Malenko in her first interview since making her MMA debut in May and returning to the ring in July.</p> <p>Debbie talks about her&nbsp;journey leading up to each event and what led her to step into the MMA world for the first time in her 40s. She also talks about her training, the challenges of preparing for the fight on short notice, and how her surgically repaired ankle felt.</p> <p>She then talks about her return to the wrestling ring, this time for good. She goes through her mindset before walking through that curtain for only the third time in the last 20 years, how she felt, her training for her return, and whom she would love to step in the ring with.</p> <p>We then talk about what her favorite match of all time was, training with Boris Malenko and Karl Gotch, Championship Wrestling from Florida, incorporating MMA into her pro wrestling, and many of the working&nbsp;aspects of the sport. Debbie is back wrestling and she's here to stay!</p> <p>Enjoy this very fun and candid interview with one of the most famous female workers from the AJPW glory days.</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/Leftmywalletdebbiemalenko.mp3} {membership 4}</p>