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Left My Wallet: Baseball, beer & strange sandwiches with The Athletic's Eno Sarris

Note: This is a free edition of the podcast. Just click below to listen!

Image: Daniel Bryan and Hunter Pence | SF Giants

Left my Wallet returns with a special free show with one of the best baseball writers in the business: Eno Sarris from The Athletic.

Eno might be the foremost fantasy baseball expert and is known for his amazing work at both analyzing pitchers and pitching analytics. We delve into what players will break out this year and gives some fantasy sleepers for you still drafting the next few days.

We also talk about his memories of a strange sandwich he would make while watching wrestling as a kid, his confrontations with NBA champion and ESPN basketball analyst Richard Jefferson while Eno was at Stanford and Jefferson played at Arizona; and his collaborative effort on a new beer called Eephus which will soon be available at Chicago's Old Irving Brewing.

Spring is here and that means baseball, so enjoy this quick and fun conversation with one of the best analysts in the game.

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