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Left My Wallet: Alex Zayne on Kobe, New Japan U.S. tour, and tacos

Image: The 7th Scribe

Left My Wallet is back to kick off a busy Super Bowl weekend with maybe the fastest rising independent wrestler today, Alex Zayne.

Alex isn't a sports fan, but we talk about the sudden death of Kobe Bryant, the lessons of motivation and work ethic Alex took from #24, and how Bryant transcended sports to become a pop culture icon.

We then talk about Alex's love of tacos, his favorite Mexican food, and of course, his love of Taco Bell. We also delve into his favorite regional fast food, if he's an In and Out or Whataburger guy, and his favorite fast food in his native Kentucky.

Finally, we talk about his rapid rise through the independents and working the current New Japan U.S. tour, learning from the Rock 'n' Roll Express, debuting for Ring of honor, and some big things coming up for the purple haired one.

Get to know the athletic and acrobatic Alex Zayne as he continues his rise to being one of the most entertaining performers in wrestling today. Grab a taco and enjoy!

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