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Left My Wallet: AEW referee Bryce Remsburg's baseball stadium quest

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Left My Wallet returns with AEW referee and massive baseball fan Bryce Remsburg.

Bryce and I discuss his love of all things baseball and his quest to visit every ballpark in person with only three left to go on his list. He professes his love for his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, where he was at when they won the 2008 World Series, and the lucky tradition he created during that championship season.

We then talk about his love of minor league baseball and share some stories from wrestling and reffing before, during, and after minor league games.

Baseball season is in full swing and so is the baseball talk here on the show. He's small in the ring, but he has a huge love of all things baseball. Enjoy my talk with AEW's own Bryce Remsburg!

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