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Left My Wallet: Ace Steel on action figures, cartoons, and wrestling

"Left My Wallet" is back for your Memorial Day Weekend with former Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH star Ace Steel.

The man who established and ran the fabled Steel Domain wrestling school and trained both CM Punk and Colt Cabana is here to talk his love of action figures, 80s cartoons, and, of course, a little wrestling.

We talk about what started his love of action figures as a kid and what were his favorites growing up. He tells of his love of all superhero movies and his fascination with the original Batman series from the 60s. We discuss which superhero cartoons we liked, why we agree on Marvel being better than DC, the original live action Fantastic Four movie from the 70s, Hanna Barbera's Superfriends, and more.

The talk then turns to our mutual love for G.I. Joe figures and why I recently spent $360 on a Joe lot, Remco AWA wrestling figures, WWF LJN figures, what he's collecting now, his favorite wrestling figures, and what rare ones he owns and still wants.

Finally, we finish up with some wrestling talk as Ace shares some amazing stories. An example: what happened when he, the MIdnight Express, and the Rock 'n' Roll Express visited an inner city Burger King? Hear of his firsthand account of playing Kimchee during the Bryan Danielson/Kamala match (yes, that happened), and what happened when he worked out in the ring for Killer Kowalski and was then rewarded with a match against Ahmed Johnson! 

It's a really fun episode with one of the all-around nice guys in pro wrestling.

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