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February 23 2007 Dr. Keith Show

<p>Dr. Keith Lipinski, Capricorn, is back with another packed showgram with actual professional mat sport talk! Barlow’s back along with Mr. Mike (Sempreveve) as the guys discuss Awesome Mike Awesome memories, Barlow’s insanity (confusing Sugarfoot and Morishima <em>again</em> in Ring of Hagadorn), our picks for the WWE hall of fame, and Les Resistance extreme reunion. <a href="”http://www.realityryan.com”" target="”_blank”">Fabian Kaelin</a> of <a href="”http://www.WSX.MTV.COM”" target="”_blank”">Wrestling Society X</a> <strong>(Tuesday Nights 10:30pm EST/PST on MTV)</strong> joins us to talk WSX, XPW, raw sewage, caffeine, “He’s A Lady”, Ron Jeremy awful comedy, Sunshine, Kennedy’s mic gimmick, LUCHAVAN~!, TNA and Oprah hate, fireballs and so much more! Enjoy the&nbsp;dudes-a-poppin’! Goodnight!</p> <p>{archivedShow https://account.f4wonline.com/content/f/id/642}<!--break--></p>