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Feb 28 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Five Star Radio!!!

Yes we've churned out another show for our loving listeners, making February most likely the most packed month in DKP history. We are joined this week by the inimitable host of our sister show Five Star Radio, Mr. Mike Coughlin of the Chicago Bar. After giving Alan two hours of pre-show legal advice, the boys turned on the recorder and started talking about a topic close to our hearts - WCW memories! And what a mixed bag of memories we have for you - Raven's Flock, Jobber giants turned New Japan young boys, Goldberg's streak and how it SHOULD have ended, KEVIN GREENE, the nWo and more! Then in an impromptu bonus segment, Dr. Keith himself joins the show to talk his trip to the ROH iPPV in Chicago this past weekend. Wow, this show was quite the tribute to Chi-town wasn't it? so yeah, CHECK IT!!! {radioShow dmdocuments/022811dks.mp3}