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Dave Meltzer - dave@wrestlingobserver.com
Editor - Wrestling Observer Newsletter, F4W Radio Show Host

For over 30 years, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has been a must-read for those interested in the goings-on behind the scenes in the world of professional wrestling and the man at the helm of that publication is its founder, Dave Meltzer.

The publisher/editor of the WON, Dave writes tens of thousands of words weekly, available in print and digital format, on insights into both wrestling and mixed martial arts, covered in the Observer since UFC 1 in 1993. He is also the co-host of Wrestling Observer Radio available on F4WOnline.com three times a week, and is a Senior Writer for MMAFighting.com, part of SB Nation.

Bryan Alvarez - bryan@wrestlingobserver.com
Editor - Figure Four Weekly, F4W Radio Show Host

A former professional wrestler, Bryan Alvarez founded the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter back while he was still active in rings throughout the Pacific Northwest. After merging his operations with Dave’s back in 2008, Bryan has switched his focus to audio, helping lead the charge in wrestling podcasts heard in nearly every country in the world.

A co-host of Wrestling Observer Radio, the Bryan & Vinny Show, and Figure Four Daily, Bryan also hosts Wrestling Observer Live, a show available six times a week as part of the Sports Byline Network, heard worldwide on iHeartRadio, the American Armed Forces Network, and more.

Tony Leder - tonyleder@f4wonline.com
Editorial Director - F4Wonline.com

Tony's career has evolved with the internet itself. He started designing websites on a small scale in the 1990s before moving on to larger projects. Tony's work took him all over the United States and Europe before returning to the United States to launch f4wonline.com

Today, he is the "Jack of All Trades" for WO. From overseeing the writers in his capacity as Editorial Director to maintaining every aspect of the behind the scenes technical machinations, Tony is best described as the architect of the entire F4W empire.

Joseph Currier - josephcurrier@f4wonline.com
News/Website Editor - F4Wonline.com

While still an undergrad at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Joseph Currier joined the WrestlingObserver.com/F4WOnline.com staff in July 2016. Joseph has since completed his degree in journalism and taken over as the site's primary news/website editor.

Joseph handles the majority of the site's written day-to-day news and event coverage as both a writer and editor, while also working with the rest of the staff on planning content strategy. He took over as the lead writer for the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter in January 2017.

Josh Nason - josh@f4wonline.com
Assistant Editor - F4Wonline.com

Josh Nason is the assistant editor of WrestlingObserver.com/F4WOnline.com and has been with the company since 2012. Josh assists on the editorial strategy and execution for the website, consulting and guidance on the overall business strategy, the hiring of writers, and heading up the company's growing email program.

A 2000 graduate of the University of Maine's journalism program, Josh has been covering MMA since 2005 and has written for Fight Magazine, Bleacher Report, Bloody Elbow, and other publications. He hosts Josh Nason's Punch-Out, available for website subscribers.

Kenneth Nida - kennethnida@f4wonline.com
Publishing Editor, Technical and Billing Support - F4Wonline.com

If you have a technical or billing issue please open a ticket at our helpdesk rather than emailing anyone directly. Thank you.

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