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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Saga: The origin of the Midnight Express, part 2

I return with another DragonKingKarl mega-show in our Saga series, continuing to look back at a tag team many consider the greatest of all time: the Midnight Express.

As I wrote last week, if you think the Midnight Express is only Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton or Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane or if you think Jim Cornette has always been part of the formula, you would be mistaken. 

The Midnights were already a highly decorated veteran unit before Cornette ever came along. With founding members Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, and Norvell Austin, the Midnights ran rampant as the top heels in two different territories long before Mid-South. 

Learn more about that plus members you never knew existed (Honky Tonk Man?) in this second part of the series. Check out part one if you haven't already.

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