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DragonKing Dark: The death of John Denver

<p>In my continuing series on the 100 darkest moments in pop culture history, I look back at the 1997 death of folk and country music star John Denver who was killed in an experimental aircraft crash at the age of 53.</p> <p>While Denver's career as a hit maker was probably over, he was still a successful touring musician, actor, and activist.&nbsp;</p> <p>His death was also completely avoidable for multiple reasons including his suspended pilot's license and a terrible aircraft design.</p> <p>Let's look back at this story on this week's DragonKing Dark.</p> <p><a href="https://media001.f4wonline.com/free/070322dkd.mp3" onclick="return phoenixTrackClickEvent(this, event);" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Click Here To Listen</a></p>