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December 25 2008 Dr. Keith Show

Felis Bah Humbug! Part one (of two - the FREE PART) of the annual Dr. Keith holiday fiesta! One holiday party, wonderful 8 guests, 29 lbs. of GLOGG~!, a freshly married Joe Gagne, 90210 ramblings, and one nog infused "Stone Cold" Rob Naylor equals HOLIDAY MAGIC~! Part one featuring very special guests Christopher Daniels, Grizzly Redwood, the one and only UltraMantis Black and Excalibur! Part two with Uncle Necro Butcher, "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney, Jimmy Jacobs and Santa's favorite mini-monster and member of the one warrior nation - Hydra coming Saturday! Happy Holidays F@#*ers!{radioShow dmdocuments/122508dks.mp3}