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Dec. 30 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: If I ruled the wrestling world!!!

Together for the last time in 2011, Will Strause, Victor Sosa, and the legendary.....Les Thatcher talk ROH's Final Battle, then the main focus for the day; IF I RULED THE WRESTLING WORLD.  We'll go around the horn discussing what kind of New Year's Resolutions we would make if we woke up on New Year's Day in charge of ROH, TNA, and WWE respectively.  Then, a quick attempt by Vic to make sense of the art of the chairshot to the head, as taught by Les Thatcher. This one seems to be a challenge for Mr. Sosa.  By the way, feel free to tell us what you would do if you found yourself in charge of any or all of these companies in 2012 in our thread in the "Radio Shows" section of THE BOARD.  Thank you so much for choosing to spend time with us this year, and we wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2012!!!!

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