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April 26 2007 Dr. Keith Show

All Star Month continues with a VERY SEPCIAL EPISODE~! of the Dr. Keith Show. The UFC’s Luke Cummo joins us to talk fighting, ninjas, TUF, Serra, Koscheck, Star Wars, diet, and even Urine drinkin’! This week we try and deal with Barlow’s CHUNKY~! addiction, discuss the lack of radio theatre last week, what brought us back to Pro Wrestling LOVE, RoboCroCop, Hollywood Khali, why you should never wrestle - or croon - blindfolded, the fabulous RGX chix, primates, pirates, ukuleles, the Hustling Business Bureau, Freddie Mercury(?), and much more! It’s your prescription for general whackiness, it’s the DKS~!{radioShow dmdocuments/042707dks.mp3}