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DragonKing Dark: The most evil people in history

<p>DragonKing Dark podcast continues to get even darker this week as we continue the theme of the faces of evil.</p> <p>On this episode, host Karl Stern from <a href="http://whenitwascool.com/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">WhenItWasCool.com</a> asks the question, who are the most evil people in history? Several immediately come to mind for obvious reasons -- but are there any we overlook? Are there people whose&nbsp;evil acts and evil nature aren't completely evident until later on? Did these evil people meet a terrible end or did their unholy works go unpunished in this life time? The complex question of evil is examined this episode and we try to put some faces on it.</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/080920dkd.mp3} {membership 4}</p>