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Hangman Page defeats Bryan Danielson on AEW Dynamite

In their second battle over the AEW World Championship, Hangman Page defeated Bryan Danielson to retain the title.

Page defeated Danielson to retain the title in a match that lasted around thirty minutes on the first episode of Dynamite on TBS. Both men bled throughout the match, with Danielson scoring a nearfall with a knee strike at one point. Page powered back, hit a backdrop driver, then pinned Danielson with the buckshot lariat.

The match had a stipulation that if it were to go to a draw, as their first match did, then it would go to three judges that would determine the winner of the match. Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn, and Paul Wight served as judges for the match.

In their first match, Page and Danielson wrestled to a time limit draw, with Page striking Danielson with the lariat right as the bell rang. The following week on Dynamite, the rematch was set for January 5 with the judges stipulation added.