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Big Audio Nightmare: Wrestle Kingdom 15 preview, Yoshiko-Stardom angle, more

Image: NJPW

Adam and Mike are back with the final Big Audio Nightmare of 2020!

We start by looking ahead to Wrestle Kingdom 15: thoughts on the build to the Tokyo Dome, predictions for each match of both nights, and speculation on some of the big matches and feuds in 2021 coming out of the Dome.

We then discuss the ultimate hell freezing over moment in wrestling in 2020: Yoshiko and Nanae Takahashi returning to Stardom. We discuss the angle itself from Stardom's year-end show, the potential big money matches this creates, and if it should even be happening at all given Yoshiko's controversial history in the promotion.

All that and much more as the Big Audio Nightmare puts 2020 to bed, right here on f4wonline.com.

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