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Big Audio Nightmare: Who should NJPW use from Strong on the main roster?

On a new Big Audio Nightmare, Mike Sempervive and I hit on all the latest happenings on the Japanese pro wrestling scene.

Here's a few of the topics of what we discussed:

  • The feel-good moments from a fun NJPW 50th Anniversary Show
  • A deep dive into the good, the bad, and the very ugly from the opening days of the New Japan Cup
  • How (and who) should New Japan incorporate from the Strong roster into NJPW proper
  • Discussion of Stardom's upcoming Ryogoku shows and the excitement surrounding KAIRI's return
  • A shocking but effective finish on GLEAT's latest UWF show and how it bodes well for their future
  • Quick thoughts on watching AEW Revolution in a movie theater

All that and more right here on the original alternative!

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