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Big Audio Nightmare: Stardom Nagoya Supreme Fight review

On a new solo express edition of the Big Audio Nightmare, I am back with a full review of Stardom's Nagoya Supreme Fight 2022 PPV

Topics include:

  • MIRAI stepped up to have a great main event with Syuri for the World of Stardom Championship
  • Giulia and Mayu Iwatani had a short notice must-see match that set the standard for 2022
  • PROMINENCE appeared and took aim at Donna Del Mondo in a heated brawl
  • Koguma and Hazuki defended against MaiHime, but where does Himeka go from here?
  • This show was so stacked that Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe vs. AZM and Utami Hayashishita was just the second match on the show

All this plus thoughts on GLEAT, NOAH, and more!

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