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Big Audio Nightmare: GHC title, Sendai-Stardom brawl, NJPW, more

With Mike on the disabled list, Adam is back to deliver the last original alternate of 2018.

In a half hour of power, we get his thoughts on December 16’s NOAH title upheaval -- led by Kaito Kiyomiya’s GHC title triumph over Takashi Sugiura -- and its colliery to ’17 AJPW. Plus thoughts on the wild Sendai-Stardom brawl from November 16, N(o)J(oshi)P(ro)W(hy that’s not a bad thing), and the AJPW Tag League final.

We’ll be back at full strength for the Dome. So, until then, Merry Christmas from the BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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