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Big Audio Nightmare: G1 check-in, Budokan weekend preview

Have you heard way too much talk about the New Japan G1 Climax? Hell no you haven’t.

Because of that, Adam and Mike are back with their thoughts on how the tournament is progressing. We take a look at who has stood out to us, along with some of our favorite matches since the last time we did a show. We also give our predictions on what the end of the tournament could shape up like.

Plus, we ask some questions that have answers that can only be determined later. How great will Shingo-Ishii II be? Could Jericho appear this weekend? What if the end was nigh for Naito? How about EVIL vs. Archer in October. It’s always a fun time of year, and we thank you for Climaxing with us on the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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