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WWE Raw live results: The countdown to SummerSlam begins

The Big Takeaway: Next week, Reigns faces Joe with the winner getting the Universal championship shot against Lesnar at SummerSlam. This was played out in a great segment with Joe, Lesnar, Reigns, Angle and Heyman. Strowman wasn't on the show, selling the injuries from last night. Next week, Angle will reveal the secret behind his mysterious text messages that he and Corey Graves have received for the past six weeks. At the end of the show, Angle talked with a person connected with the messages telling them to show up next week and that he loved them. They teased a mini-Shield reunion with Rollins coming to the aid of Ambrose during a segment with the Miz. Afterwards, Ambrose told Rollins there would be no Shield reunion and to fight his own battles. Nonetheless, at the end of the show, after Wyatt defeated Rollins for the second straight night, Ambrose saved Rollins from the Miz and his Miztourage. 

Show Recap: 

Big Cass came out to start the show to a chorus of boos. He sarcastically asked the crowd "How you doin'?" because he couldn't feel any better after what he did to Enzo Amore at Great Balls of Fire. Cass showed highlights of his win over Amore. Michael Cole talked about how Amore had put up a valiant effort against Cass. Then Cass showed a video of Amore being carried to the trainer's room by two referees. Crowd chanted for Amore. Cass said that highlight should serve notice to everyone in the Raw locker room, from the bottom of the totem pole to the top, that's what happens when you mess with Big Cass. Cass told the fans not to jump on his bandwagon because he's the future of the WWE. Cass told all the doubters that ever doubted him, one day he will be the Universal Championship. When he takes the championship, he will shove it down each and every one of their throats. Cass said he will win the Universal Championship, he will be on the Tonight Show, he will represent the WWE because he's 7-foot tall and no one can look at him eye-to-eye.

The Big Show came out to a big reaction. Cass told Show something off mic, and Show gave him a head butt. The two jostled around the ring with show rolling across holding Cass in a front facelock, then throwing knees to Cass' head in the corner. Cass bailed. 

Elias Samson was in the ring for another mini-concert. He sang a song for Finn Balor that included the lyrics "Finn Balor's not the savior, he's just a man. He tried to upstage me but he didn't understand." Then Balor came out. 

Finn Balor defeated Elias Samson (10:05) 

Balor won with the Coup de Grace. Samson worked over Balor's left arm, starting when he crossed up the spot where Balor goes for the running kick on the apron. Samson caught Balor's foot and tripped him, with Balor landing shoulder-first on the apron. Samson clamped on a Fujiwara armbar and did an arm twist where Balor's shoulder landed on the mat. Samson got a schoolboy cradle for a two count, and Balor started his comeback with a forearm and the sling blade. 

Jeff and Matt Hardy came out to congratulate Balor, with Cole mentioning that Balor was Jeff Hardy's daughter favorite wrestler. 

Jeff and Matt did an in-ring interview saying they were one second short of tying Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Champions. Jeff said he heard talk in the back that maybe now, people think the nostalgia pop is over with and maybe they should just fade away and class themselves as obsolete. Fans chanted "delete." Matt said they came out to make a proclamation, that the Hardys are going nowhere and they have only begun to make magic within the WWE Universe. 

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came out. Gallows said they were the ones who said the Hardy Boyz were done. Anderson said the Hardys proved last night they weren't the Hardy Boyz of Old, they were just the old Hardy Boyz. Matt said they were stitched up and just a little broken, but challenged Anderson and Gallows for a match then and there. Cole mentioned Matt suffered nine stitches to his right eye last night. 

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated the Hardy Boyz (6:54) 

Gallows pinned Matt after the Magic Killer. Matt, who was back doing last of facials from his "Broken Matt" gimmick, gave Anderson a Side Effect and an elbow off the second rope. He went for the Twist of Fate, but Anderson shoved him to the ropes. Gallows kicked Matt in the back of the head, and Anderson followed with a running knee setting up the finish. 

Anderson and Gallows walked to the back when the Revival came out. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder walked past Anderson and Gallows and went after the Hardy Boyz. Wilder jumped off the 2nd rope with a knee to Matt's face, followed by the Shatter Machine to Jeff.  

The Miz, Maryse and the MizTourage came out for another edition of MizTV. This week, Miz handed out the Mizzie Awards. Miz said the Oscars lost its credibility when they snubbed "The Marine 5" for best picture. The first Mizzie was for Best Supporting Actor, which was a tie between Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Miz said it was the first time in Mizzie history there had been a tie. Fans started chanting "You deserve it." Dallas thanked the Miz, who changed his life. Axel said because of Miz, he looks like a million bucks and feels like a million bucks, and he's going to make a million bucks. Miz said behind every great man is a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy woman. Miz said the next Mizzie was for the most Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy Leading Lady is his wife Maryse, who had a great facial expression after she was announced as the winner. Miz told her that he loved her.

The final Mizzie was for most Outstanding Performance, someone who had the acting chops of Daniel Day Lewis, the box office appeal of Van Diesel (hmmm...) and the leading man good looks of George Clooney. The award for Greatest Man in WWE was....Dean Ambrose. But Miz said he was just kidding and said it was him. The TitanTron called for applause. Miz said when he speaks, he speaks the truth. He said he would defeat Ambrose at Great Balls of Fire and he did it. Miz said plenty of people said they talk a good game, bringing up Seth Rollins, Akira Tozawa and the Hardy Boyz all claimed before the Great Balls of Fire that they would win, but they all failed. When they speak, it's just noise, but when he speaks, he speaks the truth. Miz said Ambrose would fold under the pressure of facing him. Miz put over Ambrose as the toughest man in the WWE, but if he beat Ambrose, what does that make him? 

Ambrose came out and speared Miz, but Axel and Dallas jumped right on him. Rollins came out to ram the podium into Dallas, including once on the head that sounded stiff. 

Rollins walked to the back when Ambrose walked up wanting to know why he saved him. Rollins said he wasn't going to let Miz talk that way about him. Ambrose told Rollins that a Shield reunion wasn't going to happen, that Rollins had betrayed any trust that he had in Rollins and ordered Rollins to fight his own battles. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss (9:24) 

Bayley pinned Bliss with a schoolgirl cradle. Bayley got pounded on for most of the match, with Nia Jax giving her a running splash into the corner. Bliss covered Bayley, and Banks was forced to make the save. Bliss threw Banks out of the ring. Jax tried to sandwich Banks against the dasherboards, but Banks moved. 

Goldust was back with another Shattered Dream vignette. Goldust said R-Truth wasn't made for the spotlight, and even though Truth tried to ruin his grand premiere last week, he said the Shattered Truth was a box office smash. So it's only fitting that Goldust give them an encore performance. He promised the "Shattered Truth part 2." He said normally the sequel isn't as good as the original, but nothing about him was normal. 

Goldust defeated R-Truth (5:39) 

Goldust won with the Final Cut. Truth hit the scissor kick for a two count. Goldust rammed Truth's shoulder into the post before getting the pin. Crowd was dead. 

Kurt Angle came out and said things got out of hand during last night's Ambulance match between Reigns and Strowman. He isn't sure when Strowman will return, but he refused medical treatment afterward. Angle introduced Lesnar, who came out with Paul Heyman. Angle said 13 years ago, Lesnar defeated him at WrestleMania. Angle said Lesnar gets better and better every year, even though that match at WrestleMania may have taken years off of Angle's career. Angle said he had ideas about who would challenge Lesnar for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Heyman didn't think there would be a creative meeting out in public and started to leave with Lesnar. Then Reigns came out to mostly boos. 

Angle got between Lesnar and Reigns and said Reigns had a lot of nerve after what he pulled last night. Reigns said he was standing in the ring with Angle, Lesnar and Heyman and he went too far? Reigns said everyone in the ring was part of the Attitude era, they blew up everything, and destroyed everything. Angle said that was then, this is now. Reigns said Angle should thank him because Angle didn't know how to handle Strowman, and Lesnar was never around to. Reigns said, if anything, Angle did him a favor and maybe Angle owes him one. And maybe that one is Lesnar at SummerSlam. Heyman said he liked that idea, but Lesnar took the microphone away from Heyman and said Reigns had to be kidding. Lesnar said "you don't deserve s**t" and this was as close as Reigns was going to get to the championship. 

Joe came out. Lesnar took a step back. Joe said "Aren't we all living in a wonderful fantasy land. How about I drag us back to reality." Lesnar told Joe reality was he kicked Joe's ass last night. Joe told Lesnar sooner or later, he's putting Lesnar to sleep. Joe said Lesnar knows Lesnar escaped him last night and turned to Reigns and said Reigns had never beaten him. Heyman spoke up and said the man who beat the Undertaker and put him on his Samoan trophy case deserves a title shot. Heyman said Joe was an excommunicated Samoan who was kicked out of his own tribe and screamed that Joe would never receive a Universal title shot again. Lesnar and Joe got nose-to-nose and Joe said Lesnar should listen to Lesnar because he's protecting Lesnar from him. Deep down, Joe said Heyman knows he's the man who has Lesnar' s number. There was a great buzz surrounding this segment. Joe said Reigns talked a lot for someone who lost to Strowman last night. Angle finally spoke up and said it would be Joe vs. Reigns next week and the winner gets Lesnar at SummerSlam. If Reigns and Joe got into a fight tonight, he would cancel the match. Angle stood in between Joe and Reigns, but the crowd chanted "fight, fight, fight." Angle constantly threatened to cancel the match. This was a terrific segment as the crowd believed all three of these men were the real deal. 

Corey Graves got another mysterious text message and went backstage. Angle asked if Graves got the same text message that he did. Angle said he can't let this get out because it could destroy him. Then again, he said he may have to go public over this even if it means losing his family and his career. Angle said he's going to go public next week, even if it could destroy him. Graes said so many people love Angle, he has all the confidence in the world that Angle will be OK. Graves didn't have very much faith in his voice when he said that. 

Cedric Alexander faces Noam Dar on 205 Live tomorrow night in an "I Quit" match. 

They showed a postmatch angle following the Cruiserweight championship match last night where Tozawa asked Titus O'Neil to make things right and get him a rematch against Neville. 

Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander defeated Neville and Noam Dar (9:32) 

They played off the finish from last night where Alexander and Neville were fighting on the top rope. Neville wound up getting crotched on the top rope. Tozawa tagged in and kicked the top rope while Neville was on it. As Alexander hit Noam Dar with a tope, Tozawa pinned Neville with a senton bomb. O'Neil and Alicia Fox were in opposite corners. The highlight came early when Fox getting in Alexander's face outside the ring to protect Noam Dar, then she muttered to Alexander "You have a bugger on your nose." Alexander then discreetly wiped his nose. 

Rollins did an interview with Charly Caruso saying he didn't save Ambrose earlier tonight to help Ambrose, he did it to shut the Miz's mouth. He added that tonight he would prove that Bray Wyatt was a false prophet and a phony. 

Wyatt did an interview saying that he was a God and Rollins would pay for his sins tonight. 

Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins (16:57) 

Again, they based a finish from last night's PPV after Rollins suffeed an injury to his right eye. Rollins went for the Rainmaker Knee Strike, but Wyatt elbowed Rollins in the eye. Wyatt gave Rollins a stiff head butt in that eye, then got the clean pin after Sister Abigail. Rollins got near falls after a flying clothesline, a blockbuster, and a Falcon Arrow. Rollins tried to a tope early, but Wyatt blocked it, only to have Rollins ram Wyatt's left hand into the post. Wyatt sold his hand for the rest of the match. Crowd was restless midway through and started doing the wave as Wyatt held on to a chinlock. Last five minutes had good heat. Solid match. 

Postmatch, Wyatt said "Follow the Buzzards" and vanished. Then the Miz, Dallas and Axel came out of the crowd to go after Rollins. They jumped on Rollins, but Ambrose ran out for the save. Ambrose leveled Miz with seven chair shots across his back before Dallas and Axel pulled him to safety. Rollins just looked at Ambrose, who posed on the top rope and never looked at Rollins. 

Backstage, Angle was on the phone with someone. Angle told the person "I totally understand. Stop thinkig that way. Why don't you come here next week and we'll both do it together? Neither one of us have anything to be ashamed of. I'm proud of you and I hope you feel the same way about me. So why don't you come here next week and we'll tell the whole world together. And whatever happens, happens. I love you." Angle had a grim look on his face as he hung up.