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WWE NXT results: Bobby Roode vs. Kassius Ohno

The Big News: Bobby Roode pinned Kassius Ohno in the main event and will now defend against Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: Orlando.

The Medium News: The Authors of Pain will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against The Revival and DIY in a triple threat elimination match at TakeOver.

The Little Beaver-sized News: SAnitY laid out Tye Dillinger yet again.


NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain defeated The Ealy Brothers

Gabriel and Uriel Ealy had a scheduled match with The Revival last week, however they were destroyed by the Authors of Pain beforehand. That led to a challenge being made and this beatdown ensued.

The Ealys got 30 seconds of offense until Rezar took Uriel's head clean off with a clothesline. Next up was a Super Collider and The Last Chapter and just like that, the NXT Tag Team Champions slay another duo.

Paul Ellering cut a promo, saying The Revival is the next name in their book of destruction. They claim to be the best tag team in the world, but Ellering created the algorithm for greatness in tag team wrestling and the AOP would soon be a dynasty.

This brought out DIY. Neither of them knew the definition of algorithm, but they knew they could defeat the Authors of Pain. They demanded a fair championship rematch since The Revival ruined their last match.

In a moment that was even more shocking than the result of the AOP vs. Ealy Brothers match, this brought out The Revival. Dash Wilder brought up being left off NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, comparing it to Tom Brady or Michael Jordan being benched. Scott Dawson said that they were the greatest tag team of all time.
Then in the most shocking moment of the last 45 seconds, William Regal came out and announced a triple threat elimination match between the three teams at TakeOver: Orlando. The announcers did not point out that this gives the AOP a break since they won't be in a situation where they can lose the titles without being beaten.


Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) are re-debuting with a push soon.


Up next was a video package profiling the undefeated, undisputed, reigning, defending NXT Women's Champion of the world: Asuka. Highlights of her kicking butt were interspersed with her sitting poolside, talking about her being the sun.


Nikki Cross (w/ SAnitY) defeated Macey Estrella

Macey Estrella is the name of Nikki Cross' victim this week. She came out in a fur coat and a skirt. She was a member of the military, and looking at the way she's built, she would not be the first person I would mess with.

With that said, this was not a competitive match and featured the most unique hair-mare I have ever seen, where Cross grabbed Estrella's hair and twisted it like she was doing an armbar before sending her flying.

Cross hit six twisting neckbreakers for the win. Sometimes five just isn't enough.

No Way Jose and Tye Dillinger were polite enough to wait for Cross to give another woman six neckbreakers before hitting the ring to attack SAnitY. However, there are four members of SAnitY and only two of them, so they got beaten down.

Tye Dillinger was held while Eric Young laid out Jose with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker. Killian Dain hit a running senton as Young screamed that the blood is on Dillinger's hands.


Aleister Black is coming.


NXT is going on a tour of Europe, which was written about in today's Daily Update.


Andrea D'Marco was at the Performance Center earlier this week to get an update on Billie Kay's condition following her match with Ember Moon last week. However, Andrade "Cien" Almas was bullying HoHo Lun. Oney Lorcan made the save for Lun, which led to a promo where Lorcan challenged Almas to bully him. It will be Almas vs. Lorcan next week.

So....how about that update on Billie Kay? No one seems to care.

SAnitY will face Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose & Roderick Strong in a six-man tag next week.


Both Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno cut a 30-second promo on their way to the ring for the main event. Both said they would win.


NXT Champion Bobby Roode defeated Kassius Ohno to retain his title

It was time for the main event. Ohno wore a basketball jersey during the match, which was a takeoff of the old USA Basketball jerseys.

I was planning on timing how long it took Roode to walk to the ring, but they rudely went to commercial break after 90 seconds and he was in the ring when the show came back. 

Shinsuke Nakamura was watching a monitor backstage because he will challenge for the title in less than three weeks at TakeOver.

Ohno ran wild for almost a full four minutes to start the match, but we went to commercial and Roode took over with a boot to the face as soon as we came back. Ohno got brief comebacks, but Roode would immediately cut him off.

Roode shot Ohno into the corner and Ohno flip, flopped, and flew over the top rope and crashed down on the floor. Roode looked like he was going for the Glorious DDT, but he hesitated and Ohno hit a release suplex. Roode went for an open palm strike, but Ohno blocked it with an elbow strike.

Ohno hit a cyclone boot for a near fall, but Roode recovered and hit a back stabber for his own near fall. Roode went for a clothesline, but got kicked in the arm. We got a series of reversals until Ohno hit the rolling elbow, sending Roode flying outside the ring.

Ohno got Roode back in and hit a running senton for a two count. More reversals led to a Glorious DDT and Roode retained!

It is now official. In 17 nights at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, Bobby Roode will defend the NXT Championship against two-time former champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!