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WWE NXT results: Bobby Fish debuts, Johnny Gargano returns

The Big News: After defeating Heavy Machinery in the main event, The Authors of Pain were confronted by an unlikely set of new challengers: SAnitY.

The Medium News: Speaking of SAnitY, Killian Dain will face Drew McIntyre next week, with the winner facing Bobby Roode at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Bobby Fish debuted in a losing effort against Aleister Black.


The show began with an excellent video package recapping the breakup of DIY back at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. This segued to the announcers opening the show and recapping last week where Roderick Strong lost his NXT Championship match. We will be joined by the NXT Champion, Bobby Roode tonight.


Aleister Black defeated Bobby Fish

The former Tommy End kicked the show off tonight, as he was here to go one-on-one with the debuting former ROH TV and Tag Team Champion, Bobby Fish. Fish got a decent reaction, but nothing in the same league as some of the other debuts we've had over the years.

Fish was allowed to look competitive in this match, as it went through a commercial break. This was one of those matches where it was painfully obvious that Percy Watson is the sore thumb at the announce table. Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness were just reciting factoids about Fish off the top of their heads, while Watson was nervously reading them off his notes.

Anyway, despite the big debut, no one believed Fish was going to win this one, but they definitely tried hard enough to make you think otherwise. The fans woke up for Black's comeback, specifically his Asai moonsault and a jumping knee to Fish. Black then picked up the win with Black Mass.


Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno argued backstage after their match last week, with Itami blaming Ohno and “people like Ohno” for their loss to SAnitY. Ohno said he went out of his way to try to get Itami out of the funk he's been in since Chicago, but no more.


The Street Profits did a series of Snapchat videos to build to their NXT debut soon.


Two weeks ago, Kayla Braxton tried to interview Velveteen Dream while he was leaving the arena. Dream refused to be interviewed and told Braxton to figure something else out.


Vanessa Borne defeated Jayme Hachey in a Mae Young Classic qualifying match

Who will join the group of 32 in the Mae Young Classic tournament? Will it be Vanessa Borne or Jayme Hachey? Borne previously competed under her real name of Danielle Kamela and Hachey is the former Jayme Jameson.

These two had a mid-level NXT women's match. It was not remarkable by any means, but not offensive either. Borne won with a spinning suplex.


Drew McIntyre was leaving after NXT last week when he was attacked by Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. Wolfe yelled “tick tock” and said that McIntyre's time as being undefeated is running out.


Back in Mr. Regal's office, he was having a meeting with NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Regal mentioned both Killian Dain and Drew McIntyre. Roode said he could beat both of them any day of the week, but recommended McIntyre wrestle Dain and see what happens. He was then offended that Mr. Regal would imply that Roode would want the two of them to take each other out.

Regal ended up making that match for next week, between Dain and McIntyre and the winner will challenge Roode next month at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.


For the first time in 53 days, Johnny Gargano returned to NXT. He came to the ring to the loudest ovation of the night. When the music ended the crowd erupted into chants of  “Johnny Wrestling."

Gargano said he missed that and said the fans and the ring are irreplaceable. He used to be excited when he heard his music because the fans would see something special, but now all he can think of was what happened in Chicago.

He has spent all these days going over everything in his head, but he will never understand what happened. However, he is not here to dwell on the past, but he is here to look towards the future. He can't control what happened, but he is here and is in front of all these people.

He said that no matter what, he wanted to be at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. He said he needs to be Johnny Gargano again, but he also needs to be Johnny Wrestling. The promo ended with what I presume is his new theme song, as he came out to the DIY theme.


Ember Moon will wrestle Ruby Riot next week.


NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain defeated Heavy Machinery to retain their titles

The Authors of Pain debuted 13 months ago and since then they have never lost a single match in NXT. Heavy Machinery re-debuted four months ago and, likewise, have never lost a single match. Streaks are about to end.

This match was everything it was promised to be. It was four 300-pounders slugging it out in their quest for championship gold. The first big spot of the match was Rezar being knocked off his feet by his challengers, which led to a four-way face-off and the commercial break.

Back from commercial, the champions cut off Tucker Knight for the heat, but a missed middle rope move by Rezar led to Otis Dozovic getting the hot tag. It broke down into a four-way, as Dozovic and Knight suplexed and slammed AOP around with such ease. They beat on the champs in a way that no one ever has before.

Heavy Machinery went for The Compactor on Akam, but Rezar broke it up with a boot to Knight's face. That was the final swing of momentum, as the Authors of Pain quickly put Dozovic away with The Last Chapter.

Can any team stop the Authors of Pain? Well...if two can't stop them, maybe three can. SAnitY came out and stood on the ramp as papers fell from the ceiling. The crowd didn't know what to make of it, but the announcers sold it as pages from Paul Ellering's book that he reads from.

So, that does it for this week. Thank you for reading, and until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!