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GFW Impact results: Fallout from Slammiversary

Previously: Alberto El Patron defeated Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary to become the GFW Unified World Champion.  

Tonight: El Patron defends against Lashley in a rematch. Also, LAX will reveal their newest member by the end of the night.

Show Recap --

- Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras, and El Hijo de Dos Caras came out to celebrate El Patron's title win. El Patron said that he always likes to have his crazy, beautiful chick by his side, referencing Paige. He will defend the title against anyone, including challengers from other companies.

Bobby Lashley came down to the ring. Lashley told Dos Caras that he wants to build a wall around him. Dos Caras slapped Lashley and El Patron challenged him to a match.

- Earlier today, Bruce Prichard held a meeting with Jeremy Borash, Josh Mathews, and The Pope. They will be fired if anyone makes disparaging remarks or has physical altercations.

X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Caleb Konley to retain his title

Konley hit a sunset flip into a buckle bomb for a close near fall, but Dutt hit a tornado DDT and a splash off the top to score the win.

After the match, Trevor Lee jumped Dutt, took the mic, and declared himself the new champion, and then left with the title.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eddie Edwards, VOW, and Grado. They’re all proud to be American, despite Grado not being American. Mitchell then noticed some random guy doing squats.

Eddie Edwards, VOW & Grado defeated Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

The heels isolated Grado in their corner until Edwards got the hot tag and ran wild. A brawl broke out and Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party on Bokara to pick up the win.

Joseph Park then came down to the ring and hugged Grado. Park showed him a piece of paper and Grado became very upset.

Matt Sydal defeated Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie)

Sutter controlled the early part of the match. Sydal made a comeback and hit the shooting star press for the win. Sutter was frustrated that he lost and brushed off Allie as she was helping him up.

- Backstage, Trevor Lee ran off with the X Division title.

- At the LAX Clubhouse, they promised to raise the level of violence with the newest addition to the group.

- J.B. introduced the participants and matches for the Super X Cup. The matches are: Sammy Guevara vs. Drago, ACH vs. Andrew Everett, Taiji Ishimori vs. Davey Richards, and Idris Abraham vs. Dezmond Xavier.

Dezmond Xavier defeated Idris Abraham in a Super X Cup first round match

This was a good, hard-hitting back-and-forth X Division match. Abraham gained the advantage after hitting a suplex in the turnbuckle. Xavier made a comeback and hit a corkscrew splash, The Final Flash, to score the win.

- In the back, Gail Kim promised to make a huge announcement next week.

- Backstage, Moose announced he’s defending the Grand Championship against Naomichi Marufuji next week. Ethan Carter III interrupted and was upset that an outsider is getting a title shot.

Unified Women’s Champion Sienna (w/ KM) defeated Rebel in a non-title match

Sienna dominated the match, but Rebel made a comeback. Rebel tried to take out KM with a crossbody. Sienna locked on the guillotine to win the match.

Bobby Lashley defeated Unified World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron by DQ

On commentary, Mathews mentioned El Patron’s fiancee Paige. Lashley dominated El Patron in the early part of the match. He attempted a spear, but El Patron countered and gained the advantage. El Patron hit the 619 for a near fall.

Lashley hit a powerbomb to regain control of the match. Lashley attempted El Patron's tree of woe double foot stomp, but El Patron pulled him off the top. Lashley caught him with a spear as he came off the top turnbuckle.

El Patron was down and Lashley set up for another spear, but LAX ran into the ring and attacked Lashley. Konnan introduced the newest member of LAX, Alberto El Patron. El Patron was practically knocked out and LAX had to help him to the back.

Next Week: Grand Champion Moose defends against Naomichi Marufuji. Also, Octagoncito makes his GFW Impact debut.